Project List



Premium Fund

Symbol: TWIM1

Current Asset Value: 35,000,000 Euros

Future Asset Value: 76,400,000 Euros
Investment To Date: 7,500,000 Euros 
Funds to be raised: 28,000,000 Euros

A Replicable Sustainable Development

Symbol: ABNL

Current Asset Value: 12,000,000 Euros

Future Asset Value: 20,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date: 8,000,000 Euros 
Funds to be raised: 5,000,000 Euros

Clean Energy From Waste

Symbol: TPE

Current Asset Value: 5,000,000 Euros

Future Asset Value: 200,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date: 1,000,000 Euros 
Funds to be raised: 92,500,000 Euros



Creating Animation and Websites 

Symbol: ADSL

Current Asset Value1,500,000 Euros

Future Asset Value8,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date500,000 Euros

Funds to be raised4,500,000 Euross

The Crash Of The Rising Sun Movie 

Symbol: TKRS

Current Asset Value: 1,250,000 Euros

Future Asset Value: 30,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date250,000 Euros 
Funds to be raised: 15,000,000 Euros

The Aqua Vitae Parallax Movie

Symbol: TAVP

Current Asset Value: 1,500,000 Euros

Future Asset Value45,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date250,000 Euros  
Funds to be raised: 30,000,000 Euros



Fresh Water Supply, Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Symbol: SAWAA

Current Asset Value: 15,000,000 Euros

Future Asset Value: 220,000,000 Euros
Investment To Date: 8,200,000 Euros 
Funds to be raised: 7,000,000 Euros

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