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I.B.O: 9 May 2018 : I.B.O freeholds ownership of 4,381 m2 of land area which is located on Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. SSK Holdings FZE: 28 March 2018 : The SLS business seeks fund to create a secondary and tertiary market for those term life insurance policies the owners of which are senior in age and are unable to or not inclined to pay premium year after year till their death. FundTonic Service Private Limited: 8 March 2018 : Fund Tonic providing shared work spaces to SMEs and start-ups, investing early stage ventures, providing entrepreneurship development courses to aspiring entrepreneurs Technovaa Plastics Industries Limited: 5 March 2018 : Technovaa Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures technical packaging films and Leads in Cast Polypropylene (CPP) & Stretch Film Industry in India. MND (My New Departure): 14 February 2018 : MND seek funds to start his professional and ambitious project of My New Departure.My new Departure is a young company that intends to ride the new wave of transportation of persons, the VTC. Golden Coast Resort: 13 February 2018 : Golden Coast Resort seek funds for the acquisition and opening of own Company, 44 rooms specializing in sea holydays and surf activities to provide sport, relaxation and recreation in Portugal. This place is very famous for surfers. OnPointe Management Group Inc: 6 February 2018 : OnPointe Management provides housing for discharged Veterans of the US Military. Housing is paid for by the Veterans Affairs Department of the US Government. Joy Hotel & Resorts Private Limited: 5 February 2018 : Blue Coast Group has authentic hands on experience and very successful track record of setting up and running Five Star hotels. Alpen Design Studio Ltd.: 1 February 2018 : Alpen Design Studio Ltd is a client company of TWEX Ltd the ICO campaign will be launched on the TAG World Exchange platform and incentivize long-term holding by providing an additional income stream for TWEX Token holders. Above & Beyond Normal Ltd.: 21 January 2018 : ABNL seek funds for Sky Village which is EUROPE'S FIRST PURPOSE-DESIGNED ASTRONOMY VILLAGE and has 48 self-contained observatory houses and apartments, Research Centre and Conference Facilities with 24 hour Restaurant & Bar. TKRS ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED: 29 January 2018 : This book will be converted into two parts of the movie. Will be shot in languages like English and Hindi and then dubbed in various other languages such as French, German, etc. Integer Wealth South Africa: 6 June 2018 : We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Integer Wealth South Africa in order to create our new TWEX Africa Fund - TWAF. More to come soon